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Do Travel Incentives Still Work?

Do Travel Incentives Still Work?

With more and more people holding their precious dollars a little bit tighter these days, how can you possibly convince them to let go of some of it, and buy your product or service, hence, keeping you in business? Vacation incentives are one of the most enticing attraction methods. They can help struggling companies maintain their client base, plus get new ones! Businesses that use vacation travel incentives in their promotions have seen a 35% increase in sales! Of course, just about any business can use travel incentives effectively, whether the businesses are retail, service, internet, mlm, wholesale, or something else. You see, EVERYBODY likes to travel.

Well, almost everybody. A recent USA Today survey says that 92% preferred travel over any other award or incentive. Travel has a special value within their hearts. And to make your business grow and remain successful, you have to really give the public what they want. And most of them want travel!

A free vacation could very well by just the thing that would convince your prospective customer to buy, or your prospective associate to join. And, no, it doesn’t usually have to be a luxury 2-week vacation on the French Riviera, either. (Although I wouldn’t mind that one!) You can simply get some 3-day special deals to such locations as Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Honolulu, Cancun, Branson, or Atlantic City! Perhaps you can use larger incentives of 8 whole days in places like a Caribbean Cruise, Virginia Beach, the Poconos, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe. Or perhaps exciting international destinations such as Wales, Spain, or the Canadian Rockies! The latest travel incentives now include golfing and spa vacations in St. Thomas, Aruba, Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville, Williamsburg, or Anaheim!

Approximately 62% say that travel is more of an incentive than even cash or merchandise! With money, it’s often spent on bills, with travel, it’s memories last lifetimes.

Travel incentives regularly outperform any other form of incentive marketing. If more companies used travel as an incentive, instead of what they’re using now, if anything at all, they will almost certainly see drastic increases in their sales and commissions!

Businesses can even use vacation incentives to reward and encourage customer loyalty! Or even if they refer another customer or associate to them!

Pre-paid or contract terms can also be changed to accommodate travel incentive thank you gifts. Imagine getting a 3-day trip to see Mickey Mouse if you insure your child with life insurance and pay for the whole year up front. What an enticement!

Members-only clubs’ and organizations’ newest members can even get lots of exciting travel benefits, such as a 3-day Bahamas Cruise, or 5-nights in Las Vegas.

Of course, sometimes the best way to convince someone to buy something is to let them try it out first. Why not encourage trial period sales by offering a special travel incentive?

So, as you can plainly see, travel and vacation incentives are not widely used, but are always widely-appreciated. And they often turn the tides of your business. Perhaps, travel incentives will even help save your business!


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