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Nivernais – house, Beautiful landscape and Interesting culture

Nivernais – house, Beautiful landscape and Interesting culture

If you are thinking about the places ideal for a houseboat vacation, you will find it difficult to come up with a destination more perfect than the French region of Nivernais, which is great for exploring with the boat.

Houseboat holiday in France, many British tourists drawn every year to the Land of promise, picturesque villages, interesting culture and of course, delicious wine and food.

It is not just these reasons that France, house boat vacation is as popular as the picturesque landscapes in the nation, the attempts also, many people take a break here. And the Nivernais area is certainly one of the most beautiful that can be found in France.

Nivernais home to the winding Canal du Nivernais, a popular choice for people on a boating holiday, and a waterway to visit the some of the best places in France. The region also offers a number of well-known grape varieties, and the wide variety of communities filled to the brim with history, all of which can be explored on a houseboat vacation.

A visit to the medieval town of Clamecy should be at the top of your list if you are in the direction of Nivernais on a canal boat holiday this year. The city is particularly known for its stunning architecture and also has a number of beautiful churches and other religious buildings of the rich past of the Region.

Culture lovers will not be disappointed with a visit to Clamecy, since it will keep easily enough art galleries and museums to keep you amused on a trip to the city as part of a boating holiday.

The channel on which you are sailing on a boating holiday on the Nivernais region of France and was originally designed to link a number of industrial hubs in France, and as such, it goes through various places, the visit worthwhile.

As well as Clamecy, you may want to take time out of your canal boat holiday to visit the communities of Tanna, Corbigny, Vermenton and Coulanges, all of which have a real French charm and their own attractions.

Fans of the traditional French buildings may want to visit the town of Auxerre, which is convenient on a canal boat holiday on the canal du Nivernais. The most famous building in Auxerre is the Gothic style Cathedral that is certainly worth a picture of two and is an impressive example for the architecture of the time.

If seeing the Gothic Church in Auxerre has made you who would like to see some more of France’s most beautiful buildings, then make sure you control your boat in the direction of the city of Sens.

Sens has also built a large Church in the Gothic style, and numerous other architecturally interesting structures. Further down the river, you will be able to visit the settlements of Chitry-les-Mines and Chatillon-en-Bazois, which are both home to some incredibly pretty traditional French chateaux, which are certainly a must-visit on a trip to this part of France.

As you drive along the Canal du Nivernais, you may find that you catch glimpses of a variety of wild animals and birds. The channel itself is actually well-known for its biodiversity and you might be able to see bird species including Wagtails, great crebes, herons, kites and kingfishers as you enjoy your boating holiday in the region.

Include if you are interested in, how many visits of French cities and towns on your canal boat holiday you may want to stop in the town of Baye, which is right at the end of the channel. This community could be interesting for those who want to keep active on holiday, as it is known for the variety of water sports it offers for the visitors.

Fans of Shopping who want to make it back with plenty of souvenirs to remember your holiday in France can want to stop your boat on the market towns of Florentin and Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.

Both of these towns hold regular markets and could be ideal for those who want to use their holidays as a chance to stock up on wine and cheese, for the Nivernais region to be detected.


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