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Your Slice Of Krabi Heaven

Your Slice Of Krabi Heaven

The Krabi province lies on the Northern coast of Thailand. It was undiscovered by the tourists for many years but in recent times it has become more popular. Krabi has become well known for its awe-inspiring cliffs, its emerald isles, the lush green rainforest and of course, the little islands dotting the warm Andaman Sea. The crowning glory is the lovely, untouched beaches where the waves from the sea rush to greet the fine white sand.

Krabi town is a busy market town and boasts of some truly lovely day and night markets. Like the rest of Thailand, you can find some great bargains and experience a slice of Thai life. Here you can taste some excellent Thai delicacies, get yourself a henna tattoo, bargain for a souvenir or simply watch Thai life go by. The majestic limestone cliffs hide many a cave and rock formations. Tiger’s Paw is a well-known lookout point and you will be well rewarded for climbing the 1237 steps with a view of the spectacular Krabi landscape below and a giant Buddha statue.

Explore an Appealing Tourist Destination

The cliffs are becoming increasingly more popular with climbers who want to pit their strength and skill against the rocks and mountains provided by Nature. There are several climbing outfits and schools which provide guides, equipment and climbing tours. Rappelling down those sheer cliffs must be an exhilarating experience. The main beach is the Raileh beach which remains pristine because it is only accessible by a lovely boat ride. Most people choose to stay here and enjoy the spectacular sea views and the sunsets. The popular Hotels in Krabi are mostly on the Raileh and Ao Nang Beaches and they cater to the entire gamut of budgets. It has a more tourist-like atmosphere and there are several bars and some truly excellent seafood eateries. You can also head to smaller beaches like Nam Mao which have some recently developed eco hotels.

Exploring the rainforests is also a great day’s activity. You could explore the many hidden caves, bathe under the natural waterfalls, run into a monk from the Buddhist temples that dot the area or indulge in the natural hot water springs. All in all, an excellent break from days of snorkeling, diving and water sports.


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